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The proposed role of plasma NT pro-brain natriuretic peptide in assessing cardiac remodelling in hypertensive African subjects.

By Dike B Ojji, Lionel H Opie, Sandrine Lecour, Lydia Lacerda, Olusoji M Adeyemi, and Karen Sliwa Journal Articles pdf

Seven key actions to eradicate rheumatic heart disease in Africa: the Addis Ababa communiqué

By David Watkins, Liesl Zuhlke, Mark Engel, Rezeen Daniels, Veronica Francis, Gasnat Shaboodien,, and Dike Ojji Journal Articles pdf

Risk-Factor Profile and Comorbidities in 2398 Patients With Newly Diagnosed Hypertension From the Abuja Heart Study

By Dike B. Ojji, Elena Libhaber, John J. Atherton, Bolaji Abdullahi, Ada Nwankwo, and Karen Sliwa Journal Articles pdf